For more information, contact Ricki at    250 768-7471

List of Scheduled Activities (2017-18):

     Information Meeting for Candidates  

                                      19 January, 2017, West Kelowna

     Talent Competition     March 08, 2017

                                     Westbank United Church

     Easter Egg Hunt          Mid April, 2017, Memorial Park

     Provincial Ambassador Crowning   April, 2017

                                      New Westminster, BC

     Fashion Show/Tea       April, 2017                                       Westbank United Church
    Personal Speech Competition

                                      May, 2017                                       Westbank United Church
    Sponsor Appreciation Night/Candidate Speeches   

                                     June, 2017

                                     Westbank United Church     

     Pageant Weekend      June 10, 2017

All dates and activities are subject to change

Candidates are invited to attend an information meeting, on Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Heritage Retirement Residence. Invited for this event are: interested candidates, parents, sponsors, mayor and council of West Kelowna, the Youth Ambassador of BC and the committee members of the Westside Celebration Society. At this point, the candidates will be receiving their tiara and sash (female) and nametags (male) from their sponsor.

Each Candidate is given the opportunity to showcase his/her talent in a 3-minute routine. This is a judged event for the competition. Candidates will showcase a wide variety of talented performances. Everyone is invited to show their appreciation.

Each candidate will be showing 4 different styles of clothing:

1. Clothes from their “Own Wardrobe”, which could be sporty, casual or semi formal.

2. A “Fun Run”, which each candidate puts together a costume of their imagination to showcase

3. “Frugal Fashion”, which each candidate will get clothes from the local thrift shop to showcase

4. A costume of their choice from the different “Decades”

Each candidate will be given the opportunity to present a speech of their choice for approximately 4 minutes in length. The candidates are taught from Toastmaster on how to put a speech together and to insert her/his contents properly together, to make eye contact with the audience, to used voice intonation and gestures.

Each candidate will be presenting a speech about their sponsor

using a “PowerPoint”® presentation.

After almost 5 months of workshops, meetings and preparations, the weekend has arrived to elect a new Ambassador Team for West Kelowna. During the weekend the candidates have three more judged events before the announcement of new Ambassadors:

        Personal Interview with the Judges

        Evening Wear presentation

        Impromptu Question

The current Ambassadors will be welcoming and entertaining visiting Ambassadors from all over BC. Reigning royalty and visitors are coming to say goodbye to our present Ambassador Team and to welcome the new Team elected.

West Kelowna Ambassador Team

Westbank United Church, 3672 Brown Road. West Kelowna, BC

All Judged Competitions will take place at the United Church...always be fondly remembered as the United Church that could!

Final Pageant at Emmanuel Church

(Holiday Inn)